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Bahamas Traveling Information & FAQs

Bahamas Traveling Information & FAQs

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Why stay at Sunrise Beach Villas over other Bahamas resorts?

If you want a private tropical escape, then Sunrise Beach Villas is your best option.  We are an extreme contrast from the overpopulated and high priced environment that larger resorts provide.  Our central location on Paradise Island allows our guests to truly have a full furnished “home” in Paradise, and yet still enjoy all the beautiful amenities that some of the other attractions the island offers.  We allow our guests to have a high level of privacy and exclusivity at our Bahamas resort; something that is lost when being one of thousands of guests at a large attraction resort.

How do I get to Sunrise from the Airport?

After grabbing your bags and going through Bahamian customs, you will be directed out to the taxi stands.  On the wall before exiting you will see the most recent standard fares to get to Paradise Island.  Hop in a taxi and tell the driver you want to go to Sunrise Beach Villas on Paradise Island!

I know I have a full kitchen, but are there grocery stores on the island?

One of the great benefits of staying with us is the flexibility to cook your own meals when you want too.  Staying at a larger resort, every meal and snack is very expensive.  You will love to be able to whip up a quick lunch or snack at your discretion.  There is a convenience store within walking distance that may have everything you need. However, a short taxi ride will take you to a grocery store with a more extensive selection of products. A favorite option of our regular guests is to pack a cooler and check it as luggage, as well as ask the taxi driver to stop at the store on the way to the villas from the airport. Then you are ready to start your vacation the minute you arrive at Sunrise Beach.

Is there a restaurant or bar at Sunrise Beach Villas?

YES!  Viola’s Bar and Grill has quickly become one of the most sought after bars on the island.  The fun atmosphere, drastically different drink prices than the Atlantis, and the excellent staff have made Viola’s a staple for those “in the know” on the island.  We pride ourselves on our classic Bahamian drinks, vast beer selection, and excellent food selection, including breakfast, lunch, and dinner menus.  Also, our Beach beachside, Archie’s, is the only open bar on Cabbage beach.  While bathing in the sun, stroll into Archie’s to get a delicious frozen drink, classic cocktail, and heck even order some food from Viola’s without ever leaving the sand.

Do I have to pay for pool or chair access?

ABSOLUTELY not.  While a guest at Sunrise Beach Villas, you have the ability to completely relax and let us take care of you.  Our private pool is here for your use, and we promise that you will never, EVER, have a problem getting a chair to relax in.  While staying at some of the larger attraction resorts, people often wake up in the wee hours of the morning just to put out a towel on a chair to secure a good location for the day.  At Sunrise, every poolside chair is a good one, and you can come whenever you want without worrying about having a good spot for the day.

How will I know what to do on Island?

Our world renown front office staff are here to help you plan and execute your perfect Bahamas vacation.  Our staff deeply cares for each of our guests while staying at some of the larger attraction resorts you may get directed to do what is in their best interest, not yours.  We want you to have the best vacation possible, and our front office has brochures and information for nearly everything possible to do in the Bahamas.  Our Bahamian staff truly know which are quality excursions from personal experience, and they will make sure your Bahamas activities outside of Sunrise Beach Villas are memorable and worthwhile.

What is the drinking/gambling age in the Bahamas?

Both the drinking and gambling ages in the Bahamas is 18.

What currency is used in the Bahamas?

The US Dollar is the currency widely used in the Bahamas.  This is yet another reason the Bahamas have grown to be such a popular vacation spot in recent years.  Our American guests are able to make the most of their dollar unlike in Europe, and our International guests think they have won the lottery.

Will I need a passport to travel to the Bahamas?

Yes, with increased travel restrictions, you now need a passport in order to travel to the Bahamas.  Please visit this site to learn more information on obtaining passports:   http://travel.state.gov/passport/passport_1738.html

Is Internet access available at Sunrise Beach Villas?

Yes, High speed Internet access available during lobby hours for only $10/day. Also available in most villas is in-room Internet Access with 24 hour service for only $11/day.

What is the best way to get around in the Bahamas?

While on Paradise Island, everything is within walking distance.  The Atlantis and their shops/attractions are only one block away from us, and an even shorter walk by beach.  Other things like the beautiful Cloisters are also a short walk.  While enjoying the culture of old Downtown Nassau, it is best to take a Taxi.  Our front office will call a taxi for you whenever needed, and most likely a taxi will find you when walking around the island!  Taxis in the Bahamas are reasonable and very accessible.  Definitely the best way to get around when taking a longer trip from Sunrise.

Will my hair dryer, laptop, electric razor work in the Bahamas?

The Bahamas has the same electrical outlets as the United States.

How do I get a marriage license to be wed on the island?

First, you call our helpful competent staff to help you through the process. You must arrive on a Wednesday to apply for and receive a license for a weekend wedding. When it comes to your Bahamas wedding, our experienced staff will help you plan and carry out every detail including the license, officiate, music, Champaign, wedding cake, menu, reception, additional rooms for family, bar services, flowers… Just give our staff a call, let them know your desires and then get started on your way to the day of your dreams.

Is there a washer and dryer available?

Many villas have in-room washers and dryers available. For those that don’t, the on-site laundry isavailable.