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Korea [Degtyarev et al. 2006]) and Katano paul hornung womens authentic jersey duck pond (Japan). Annual monitoring takes place in parts of its range (Degtyarev et al. 2006). Conservation Actions ProposedContinue to study its population rob housler womens authentic jersey trend and establish more protected areas in its breeding logan thomas mens authentic jersey grounds. Research its wintering status in China. Draft and implement a management plan for the wintering population in South Korea. Regulate hunting womens tyson jackson jersey of all Anatidae species in China. Ensure its legal protection authentic andy dalton mens jersey in all range states. Carry out efforts to reduce disturbance at key sites (N. Moores in litt. 2010). Garner the support of farmers for the conservation of this and other rice lamin barrow mens authentic jersey field species (N. sean lee mens authentic jersey Moores in litt. 2001. Threatened birds of Asia: the BirdLife International Red Data Book.Brazil, M. 2009. Birds of East Asia: eastern China, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, eastern Russia. Christopher Helm, London.Cao, L.; Barter, M. A.; Lei, G. in prep. Population estimates for Anatidae in eastern China: implications for flyway population sizes and the status of globally
A Woodstock for kelp A new environmental festival will celebrate the restoration of giant kelp forests in Laguna Beach after authentic matt ryan mens jersey 25 years of extinction. Saturday at Main Beach, to celebrate the restoration efforts of thousands of volunteers and foster appreciation for kelp in the community, said marine biologist and Get Inspired founder Nancy Caruso. is the basis of our ecosystem and is home to more than 800 species of animals in our oceans, she said. also commercially important because we hunt for fish that live in kelp, and algin (a gelatinous extract) is justin tucker mens authentic jersey also used in many consumer products. purpose is to educate people about why kelp is so important and what they can do to save it. free event will include an array of fun activities including a walk through 3 D giant kelp forest exhibit, live underwater presentation by divers delivered to audiences on the beach via camera and youth matt shaughnessy jersey musical performances by members of the Boys Girls Club, and Birdsong and the EcoWonders. also have a storytelling circle of divers from the
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