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Introducing: Treasured Guest Reward Program!

Treasured Guest Reward Program – 10% Off!

January 1st-February 15th 2015

When You Contact Us Directly, You Save

Contact us directly at 1-800-451-6078, or 1-242-363-2250 or book directly through our website, stay anytime until February 15, 2015 and save 10% with our Treasured Guest Reward Program

You won’t want to miss this special. This is our way of thanking our closest and most loyal guests.

Does not apply to reservations placed before January 1st, 2015.

Come down to Paradise with some great friends, white sand beaches, and celebrate being a friend of Sunrise Beach Villas!

Fun in the sun at Sunrise Beach Villas, Paradise Island Bahamas
Fun in the sun at Sunrise Beach Villas, Paradise Island Bahamas

Email: rentals@sunrisebeachclub.com
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Toll Free Phone Number: 1-800-451-6078
Direct Phone Number: 242-363-2234
**Specials shown on this page are independent of other specials and may not be combined.  Specials may not be combined.  Specials do not apply to reservations placed prior to publication of the special. Per person room limits may not be exceeded.  This special does not apply to unit #3 or #17.  This offer is valid when actual vacation is between January 1st 2015 and February 15th 2015 .  Viola’s vouchers must be used in one sitting at Violas.
*Offer valid when you are our guest anytime from January 1st 2015 – February 15th 2015.
**Publish Date: 1-1-15