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We believe that now is the time people need travel most. According to the World Tourism Organization, Americans take the fewest vacation days of any nation in its report — just 13 paid days. Compare that to 42 days for Italian, 37 for French, 35 for German, and 25 for both Korean and Japanese workers.

We think you deserve a break! In the end, you will be more productive and happier than simply putting your head down and digging through the neverending long days.

Harvard Business Has Outlined 5 Key Things We Can Do to Make Ourselves Happier:

1. Break from the routine. Routines are good things. They allow us to stay organized and quite frankly, it is comfortable. But breaking from your routine can spur creativity while giving you different perspectives and fresh ideas.

2. Reconnect with family. Most people don’t think about the fact that the hardworking business person typically spends more time with coworkers than he/she does with their family. When we are able to set aside time to spend with family we not only get reenergized, but it also gives our children invaluable quality time with their loved ones.

3. Get in touch with self. Vacationing allows one to reasses where they are in relation to what they truly want to accomplish in life. Not having the day to day distractions and commitments at the forefront of our lives gives a great clear picture on what we want to accomplish. No matter how successful one may be, there is always room for growth, and vacationing is the perfect answer.

4. Let your mind ruminate. So many professionals say that the only time they can think is in the car or airplane. Use the vacation as your long ride without the cramped seating and stuffy air.

5. Smell the roses. Make certain that your vacation isn’t so packed with activities that you don’t have time to sit and reflect.

Your experience at Sunrise Beach is a much more intimate experience than staying at a large resort- we truly are an island vacation getaway. We hope that this special allows our guests to spend quality time away from home in Paradise without breaking the bank.