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Sizzling Summer Special: Stay 3 Nights, Get Free Breakfasts for Two!

May 1st 2018-August 31st 2018 

Minimum 3 Night Stay

The best things in life are free! Breathe the salty air.. feel the breeze.. rest, relax, reflect.. collect seashells. Feel free to come and soak up some sun & fun like a true beach lover would.

When you book a minimum of three night’s stay here at Sunrise Beach Villas you will receive a complimentary drink upon arrival & daily breakfast coupons for two persons*

Now is the time to plan your great summer escape! Contact us directly to find out more information regarding our sizzling summer special.

Fun in the sun at Sunrise Beach Villas, Paradise Island Bahamas

Fun in the sun at Sunrise Beach Villas, Paradise Island Bahamas

Email: rentals@sunrisebeachclub.com
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Toll Free Phone Number: 1-800-451-6078
Direct Phone Number: 242-363-2234

*Specials shown on this page are independent of other specials and may not be combined. Specials do not apply to reservations placed prior to publication of the special. Per person room limits may not be exceeded.  This special does not apply to unit #3, #16, or #17.  This offer is valid when actual vacation is between May 1st -August 31st 2018.  Complimentary breakfasts are not applicable to extra persons. Breakfast coupons are valued at $10 per person and does not include 7.5% VAT or 15.5% gratuities. Breakfast coupons do not include coffee, tea, juice, or any other beverage. 

*Offer valid when you are our guest anytime from May 1st-August 31st 2018
**Publish Date: May 1st 2018
Sunrise Beach Villas Referral Program!

Refer friends/family for $100 off both trips

Since we appreciated your company so much on your last stay, we want to offer you an incentive to come back and see us again!

Sunrise Beach Villas is proud to announce it is continuing referral program for our past guests.

This program awards you and your booked guest when staying for 3 or more nights each $100 off of your stay with us.

The more booked referrals we get from you, the more money you receive off of your next stay! These referral coupons have no “cash” value, and cannot exceed the cost of your next stay. We just ask that you tell your friends/family to let our staff know that you referred them, and both of you will be credited the discount for your next stay.

We hope to see you again in Paradise soon! Don’t forget to visit our new site: www.sunrisebeachclub.com

**Referral coupon has no cash value and cannot be used in any other manner besides a credit toward future reservations.  Multiple referral coupons can be used during a single stay. The more referents you send to Sunrise Beach Villas, the more $100 credits you can receive. Per person room limit may not be exceeded.

Your experience at Sunrise Beach is a much more intimate experience than staying at a large resort- we truly are an island vacation getaway. We hope that this special will allow our guests to spend quality time away from home in Paradise without breaking the bank.

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