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. City Council President Bernard C. "Jack" Young said the city in February began recording attendance at all meetings, including hearings and work sessions, and posting the information chris canty mens authentic jersey on the council website. Young said members should try to attend jj watt womens authentic jersey all meetings. But he said the public should not be overly concerned about council attendance. The 14 rashad johnson youth jersey people elected to represent Baltimore’s 14 City Council districts are considered part time office holders, each earning a salary of $63,000 a year. authentic eric wood youth jersey Young, as womens justin durant jersey council president, holds a full time position with a $108,000 salary. The president does thurman thomas youth authentic jersey not sit on council committees. Young said council members have conflicts that keep them from the office just as all workers do, such as illness, family emergencies and vacations. Council members generally work longer hours than isaiah crowell mens jersey what they’re paid to do, he said, serving jeremy mincey mens jersey on boards and commissions, brandon marshall youth jersey attending evening community meetings and responding to constituent concerns. "We get calls on Saturdays and Sundays,
around another star be detected? Possibly. ANALYSIS: Asteroid Forensics May Point to Alien Space Miners If sufficiently advanced, some aliens may even fabricate their own tiny black holes, measuring only an atom’s width and yet carrying elvis dumervil womens authentic jersey the mass of a million tons. By plopping this black hole into some kind of hypothetical black hole drive, the engine could generate a vast quantity of gamma rays that, in turn, would be converted into energy to power the spacecraft. According to researchers, this could be an inexhaustible power source. What’s more, if we know the signature of the radiation emitted from these artificial black hole drives, we may be able to detect these whizzy aliens. ANALYSIS: SETI Search for ET’s Black Hole Engines The problem with SETI searches is that we have to make a lot of assumptions. One assumption is that the aliens are transmitting in radio waves (what about laser transmissions?). Another is that the aliens are always transmitting. This, sadly, wouldn’t be the case (unless a very charitable
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